Various Comics – $15 (Anderson)

The Mighty Magnor First Collectible Issue Sergio Aragones . Mark Evanier Malibu Comics – 15.00 Midnight Sons 1st Issue Marvel Comics – 10.00 Fright Night 3-D With 3D glasses Now Comics – 10.00 ALL THREE 25.00 Contact me

6 comic books spider man, Azrael, vigilante – $60

6 comics, from 95,96, and 84. Thy are all in excellent condition, asking 60 but will negotiate. Contact me

Original Pokemon holographic cards

I have a bunch of original holographic Pokemon cards from when I was a kid. All cards have been in deck protectors since cards they were purchased in the 90s and are in great condition. I am wanting to trade for a nice camera (Sony, or Canon.) Or good benchmade…

Nintendo Wii U Black Deluxe 32GB

Wii U Black Console 32GB includes: 3 remotes 1 motion plus attachment 3 remote jackets 3 nunchucks Charging dock for game pad cables and sensor bar included 3 games – Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and Nintendo Land